All for Her or Him

Our “All for Her” section houses a heady collection of gifts for wives, friends, girlfriends, mums and nans. Whether it's for a special occasion or just because, we have just what you need to delight that special woman in your life! Shopping is a very sacred ritual for every woman, and if you're going gift shopping for one, you should tread carefully, for it's a woman's territory, and follow a few norms (this is especially for all those guys who think knock-off designer wear, cleaning supplies, or gym memberships make great presents).


Don't cop out and get her shopping gift cards, or worse still a shop-bought card, it's all about getting her a thoughtful presents; you can get her comfort wear - something that she can slip into at the end of a day, or some workout gear that she can wear when she goes running everyday.  More often than not, women do give out hints (or should we say, not-so-subtle hints?) on what they want for their birthday or anniversary; so it should be easy for you to find her something that she likes. Just make mental notes when she drops these hints, and watch her glow with delight when she notices that you remembered!


We know that the likes of each woman differs, and we present to you a wide range of exquisite one-of-a-kind gifts to choose from! Luxurious scented candles for the woman of class, exquisite bejeweled accessories for the bling-dresser, cosmetics for the make-up lover, RapitupGifts brings it all under one roof, making sure we have a little something in store for every woman in your life! What's more is you can wrap each of these presents to your liking, so they know how much of thought went into it!



Now for that not so fussy male, why doesn't he like shopping because he would rather be watching the latest movie, playing cricket, football or sun, sand and surfing and the list could go what do we get the man in the house?


Well we know that the male likes to laugh and be entertained so therefore at RapitupGifts we have a fabulous selection for every age and every walk of life! So the frustrated tv fan would love the WTF button to press when he gets cranky, wine lovers will be super impressed with the unique ceramic beer coasters or the wine bottle dog, cat and waiter covers which are always in demand as a present.  RapitupGifts brings out the big guns for presents for the biker dudes, or the baking naked garden gnomes, along with some traditional gifts such as wallets, workout gear, chef gear etc...


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