Blue Car Decor Key Wall Hanger
Price $ 22.00
Item: BlueVWKeyWallHanger
What is it about the VW’s that everyone just loves? It can’t be about the love bug movie which the baby boomers would remember but this is before the gen Y’s time?
Impressive blue VW car key wall hanger!  He would be wowed with this as a gift, you wouldn’t even have to ask (nag) him to put it up on the wall, this is also a great reminder for him to hang his keys on the hook when he step inside the house.
Wouldn't it be wonderful for him not to have to ask you where they are or better still saves you both from having high stress levels from turning the house inside out just trying to find them.  Brilliant gift idea for his Birthday, Christmas or Father’s day. 
Compact size W x 17 cm H x 14cm x 1 cm – hanging part of chain = 12 cm.