Dream T-Light candle
Price $ 22.00
Item: DreamTLiteCandleHold
Delightful blue glass dragon fly candle holder, just imagine walking in your front door after a hard day at work, you light it up and go change into some comfy clothing to come back and just Zen out from the world, even if it's a quick 10 minutes or an hour you will be totally chilled so you can take on the world all over again.
When lit this brings tranquillity to you and your home by the soothing candle fragrance, it will take you to a calmer place than you have ever been.  Detailed and eye catching the dragon fly has both wings extended, next to it has a unique saying, which reads “Dream for it is you who creates your world”. 
Items included are 2 x aromatic candles back of holder is plan the pink dream is only for display purposes, glass holder demensions are L x 19cm H x 13cm D x 9.5 cm.