Id Rather be Golfing Mug & Sock Set
Price $ 16.90
Item: GibsonMug&SokGolfSet
Golf players, fans, groupies or admirers throughout Australia will absolutely love to be drinking their favourite beverage out of this noble looking golf mug. He/She will definitely be the envied golfer in the room when everyone stops for a cuppa and a chat after the golfing championship, this regal mug is made especially for gloating rights.  Would make an excellent trophey prize too!
When wearing the socks with ‘I’d rather be golfing’ what’s a bet he/she makes sure they wear shorts and not pants so everyone can see them clearly and appreciate his/her dedication to their chosen sport.
Gibson brand
Elongated handle
Mug height is approx.11cm
Socks are one size fits most