Mens Royal Blue Sports Top
Price $ 22.50
Item: MensRoyalBluVSporTop
Royal blue & white contrast colour V neck sports T-Shirt, this one is so 'manly' stunningly he will get many side glances when wearing this top.  Great for active or couch potato sports nut in your family, imagine him outside pretending his the star footballer kicking his ball into the net or over the goal post to help his team win and better still keeping out of your way for the rest of your day.  
Made from 100% polyester is soft to the touch and has a waffle weave to let the air flow through the garment so as to allow his body to be cool when working out in it, size comes in medium & large.
Sizing is as follows:
Medium Singlet across chest area 58 cm and 76 cm in length
Large Singlet across chest area 76 cm and 79 cm in length
100% Polyester
Strong material that is resistant to creasing (no ironing here)
Machine washable with a warm/cool tumble dry
Allows skin to breathe, keeping him comfortable and dry