Tripled stacked Funky Wise Owl Set
Price $ 12.98
Item: TriplStackdOwlsStatu
 A very colourful novel gift idea for that crazy "hoot" of a person in your life!!  So bright and bubbly stacked owl decore set, place them in a position where they are centre of attention and watch those that come into your home just smile straight away and will fall in love with them just as you did when given them as a present.
Amusing and charming 1 x 3 owl stack set are cute and brightly coloured decor pieces just makess you smile when you see them, would make the perfect Thankyou, Mother's day, House warming gift and don't forget all those who collect owls! 
They are light weighted and hand painted, so no display inprints on your furniture. They stack to 18cm in height, price is for 1 stack only be sure to advise which colour style you would like.