White wall hanging heart + stand up quotation tile
Price $ 14.95
Item: WhtHeartStumQuotTile
Win your love one over with this unique gift especially if she/he is one of the few who are not into flowers or chocolate they are the practical type not mushy and would rather have an everlasting gift to confirm each and every day that you love and adore them.
Stylish white wicker wall heart with white ribbon - for hanging, you can be assured this would adapt to anyone’s home décor.
Bold colourful stand-alone tile that quotes “View stumbling blocks as stepping stones to the stars!"  Now here's a gift that doesn't need to be dressed up with anything, the statement is the true hero here.
Simple yet elegant gift would be splendid for any celebratory occasion, white wicker heart size is L x 24 cm W x 25 and tile size L x 15 x 13 cm x D x 12 mm.